domingo, 22 de diciembre de 2019

It's your turn

Now it's your turn to support our initiatives: these are our priorities for this year:

- Having our 8th annual international meeting, this time under the title of Zamography. Our goal is to gather as many people as we can with the last name Zamora, and its transliterations*, with memories of a Jewish ancestry. As always, program will include other events on the Jewish legacy of the city.    

-Publishing our Congresses Proceedings from 2013 to 2019. Book title: Zamora in the map of Sefarad.

- Support collaborative projects like Stolpersteine (Stone memories) to remember 22 anti-fascist activists, and fighters from Zamora province, who were deported to Gusen and Mauthausen. Some died in nazi camps. 

* Transliterations are variations of the word with same root (Zam), for example: Zambrano, Zamorano, Zamatto, Zamero, Zamerro, Zami, Zamlung, Zamra, Zamor, Zamorani, and others. In portuguese, Z usually changes to S.