viernes, 27 de marzo de 2015

Jewish Zamora travels abroad

This week (March 23-27) a few experts, friends of our Center, presented their Jewish Zamora related research at the International Conference Mapping the Anussim Diaspora, Netanya Academic College, Israel, and our director was recognized at Viterbo University, in Wisconsin, by the Council of the Sephardi Community of the Old City of Jerusalem for his work on the Jewish Legacy of Zamora. Here some pictures and links sharing information. 

Anun Barriuso (on the left), and José Manuel Laureiro (center), authors of The North of Sepharad (2005) presented at Netanya Academic College on epigraphies in La Raya (Zamora and Salamanca border with Portugal). Both authors have done extensive field work in and around towns like Carçao, and Vimioso, among many others, tracking the marks left by 16th-17th century crypto-jews crossing from one side to another of the border  

Genie Milgrom (center), President of the Crypto-Judaic Studies, author of My 15 Grandmothers (2012), and How I found my 15 Grandmothers (2014), presented at the Netanya Academic College conference on her genealogical work regarding conversos in the area of Fermoselle. She also led a genealogical workshop training interested persons on finding documentation on their potential Jewish ancestry.

Dr. Abraham Haim officially awarded Dr. Jesús Jambrina the Medal of the Four Sephardic Synagogues of the Old City of Jerusalem granted in 2014 by the Council of the Sephardic Community of City of Jerusalem. Ceremony took place at Viterbo University campus, Wisconsin, March 24. Medal recognizes Dr. Jambrina's research on the Jewish legacy of City of Zamora, Spain. 
Related information (in Spanish)

"La huella en la piedra: epigrafías cripto judías ibéricas", entrevista con Anun Barriuso y José Manuel Laureiro (Radio Sefarad)

Conversos e inquisición en la España de los siglos XVI y XVII, entrevista con Ignacio Luis Rodríguez, Cátedra España-Israel (Radio Sefarad)