viernes, 29 de marzo de 2019

Call for Papers: Transatlantic Sefarad

Jerusalem, June 21-25
Four Sephardic Synagogues
Keynote Speaker: Margalit Bejarano, Universidad Hebrea de Jerusalén  

Zamora, July 1-2 
La Alhóndiga Palace
Keynote Speaker: Ruth Behar, Universidad de Michigan en Ann Arbor 

Travelers from Madrid book Here 

Center Isaac Campantón, in collaboration with the Council of the Sephardic Communities of Jerusalem, invites proposals for its 7th international congress, this year with the title of Transatlantic Sefarad.

This is an interdisciplinary event welcoming professors, students, and independent scholars researching in the area of Sephardic Studies in connection with the Western Hemisphere. 
Proposals may include but not limited to the following topics:
  • Periodization of Jewish presence in the Americas; terminologies and definitions
  • First Jewish communities in the Caribbean, South, Central and North America
  • Amsterdam, Recife, New York: Judaism and Freedom of Conscience
  • Life and functioning of Crypto Jewish communities in the Americas
  • Jewish networks between Europe and the Americas: politics, commerce and culture
  • The Inquisition in the Americas
  • Crypto Jewish Resistance: Martyrs, and relevant personalities
  • Converso families in Spanish American viceroyalties 
  • Traces of Montaigne and Spinoza in the Americas Thought 
  • Jews in the Americas' Independence Wars
  • Transatlantic Jews: Paul Lafargue, Camile Pisarro, and others
  • Modern Sephardic Communities: 20th century immigration from North Africa, and Middle East countries
  • Sephardic Journeys: historical narratives 
  • Sephardic writers and artists in or from the Western Hemisphere
  • Sephardic Jews today in the Western Hemisphere
  • Emerging Jewish Communities in the Western Hemisphere
250 words abstracts should include: author, institution or independent scholar affiliation, which location for presentation, email, and specify if requiring technological support (computer, projector)

Submit proposals to Deadline: June 1, 2019. Online Enrollment until June 10 Here or in person at the conference.

                       This is an event sponsored by
                                  Ayuntamiento de Zamora 
Jerusalem Sephardic Council  
Friends of Sephardic Culture Asspciation, Zamora
The Isaac Kaplan Old Yishuv Court Museum
  Center Sefarad - Israel
  Center Isaac Campantón
+ 12 Private Individuals