sábado, 2 de noviembre de 2013

Juderías/ Medieval Jewish Quarters

This picture maps the Jewish quarters in the city, including the two major ones in La Horta (southeast - 12th century to around 1412) and La Lana (northeast, mid 15th to 1492) neighborhoods. Spanish historian Manuel F. Ladero Quesada considered that by the time of the expulsion 20% of Zamora city population was Jewish, between 12 and1300 people. 

In 1492, Zamora had the three major Jewish institutions: a Main Synagogue, a Talmud-Torah School, and a Jewish cemetery. Historical documents refers at least two more synagogues, and a Hebrew Press by the 1480s. By clicking in the picture you can enlarge it to better locate specific streets. At the moment no signpost are available for visitors to read about the Jewish history of the city, however you can get a tour by sending us an email to: centrocampanton@gmail.com