lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2021

Why supporting us?

1- We are a group of community Scholars studying Jewish legacy in the region of Zamora, Spain, where Jews lived for more than a millennium. Lines of research include:
· Documented Jewish presence from the 10th to the 15th centuries
· Jews from Zamora in the diaspora
· Crypto Jewish communities from 1492 to the present
· B´nei Anusim memories and stories
· Homage to twenty-two antifascist fighters from Zamora incarcerated in Mauthausen
· Help families building their Jewish genealogies 

2- Centro Campanton has organized nine international congresses (2013-2021) along with annual cultural events & activities related to Jewish life 

3- Collaboration with local organizations, government and academic institutions to recuperate Jewish historic landmarks in the city and in the region

4- Centro Campanton have sponsored books publications, peer reviewed papers, and presentations at conference and events. 

5- Current projects we are trying to advance:
· A Jewish Museum in Zamora, to also house the Center
· Publication of congresses proceedings

6- This website documents our major programs, activities, and if you need more information you can reach us via email at
We also have two more webpages in Spanish: &